Isomura's new film and a Sōmai queries

Aaron Gerow gerow
Sat Mar 1 21:44:24 EST 2003

Quickly writing replies in the office on Sunday morning breeds mistakes:

>Even some academic book macron publishers don't use the macron 
>because they feel most readers don't need it, and so they stick to 
>modified Hepburn without romanization. In general, I feel both options 
>are valid.

should be: "modified Hepburn without macrons"

>review of Isomura's new film. It did appear in the DY, but my DY reviews 
>only appear on the site for 4 or 5 days before disappearing. THe 
>KineJapan site is hopefully out of date, but I'm waiting until some 
>problems have been fixed there.

should be: "KineJapan site is hopelessly out of date" (I wonder if there 
was a Freudian slip here?).


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