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To H-Japan,

Since the various Chushingura-related events at Columbia were announced on
this list last fall, there have been some changes. The key schedule change
is the postponement of the exhibition by one week, so that it will now run
from March 24 to April 18 (weekdays only).  Meanwhile, a detailed program
for the symposium on March 30-31, immediately following the AAS, had been
finalized and appears below.

Henry Smith
Columbia University

300 YEARS OF THE 47 RONIN: A Chushingura Retrospective

To mark the tercentenary of the Ako Revenge of 1701-03, the Donald Keene
Center of Japanese Culture at Columbia University is sponsoring a variety
of programs in the spring semester of 2003, including a film series, an
exhibition of prints and books, an AAS panel, and a symposium. All events
at Columbia are open to the public and free of charge. The details are
provided below; for further information and periodic updates, please check
the special section of the Keene Center website at

FILM SERIES:  "Exacting Revenge:  A Series of Eight Japanese Films"

All films in the series will be shown in the Altschul Auditorium, Columbia
School of International and Public Affairs, on Monday evenings (and on two
continuing on Tuesday evening) starting at 7:45 pm. Admission is free.
Please note
that all films will be shown in VHS or DVD versions and that all films are
in Japanese
with English subtitles.

      #1. February. 3:    HARAKIRI (Seppuku), 1962;
           dir. Kobayashi Masaki, b/w, 134 min.
      #2. February 10:   GONZA THE SPEARMAN (Yari no Gonza), 1986;
           dir. Shinoda Masahiro, color, 126 min.
      #3. February 17:   THE BAD SLEEP WELL (Warui yatsu hodo yoku 
nemuru), 1960;
           dir. Kurosawa Akira, b/w, 150 min.
      #4. February 24:   AN ACTOR'S REVENGE (Yukinojo henge), 1963;
           dir. Ichikawa Kon, color, 113 min.
      #5. March 3-4:     THE 47 RONIN (Genroku Chushingura), 1941 and 
           dir. Mizoguchi Kenji, b/w, 2 parts, 111 and 112 min.
           Shown in two parts, on Monday and Tuesday evenings.
      #6. March 24-25:  CHUSHINGURA (Chushingura), 1962;
           dir. Inagaki Hiroshi, color, part I, 103 min; part II, 104 min.
           Shown in two parts, on Monday and Tuesday evenings.
      #7. April 7:    YOUTH OF THE BEAST (Yaju no seishun), 1963;
           dir. Suzuki Seijun, color, 92 min.
      #8. April 14:  VENGEANCE IS MINE (Fukushu suru wa ware ni ari), 
           dir. Imamura Shohei, color, 140 min.

EXHIBITION:  "Chushingura on Stage and in Print:  An Exhibition of Books,
Manuscripts, and Ukiyoe"

The exhibition consists of prints and books from the Waseda University
Library and Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum, and The C. V. Starr East
Asian Library at Columbia, and has been organized to mark a new 
agreement between the university libraries of Waseda and Columbia. The
exhibition will be held from March 24 through April 18, weekdays only, in
the Rare Books & Manuscript Library in Butler Library, and in the Rare 
Room of The C. V. Starr East Asian Library in Kent Hall, Columbia
University. Please consult the Donald Keene Center web site at
http://www.columbia.edu/cu/ealac/dkc/chushingura/ for hours and further 

AAS PANEL: "The Many Lives of the 47 Ronin: Three Centuries of Retelling
the Chushingura Story"

Annual Meeting of the Association for Asian Studies, New York Hilton Hotel
Panel #190, Sunday, March 30, 8:30 am to 10:30 am, Nassau Suite B.

      "The Young Motoori Norinaga Hears the Story of the Ako Ronin
        from a Buddhist Preacher"
      Federico Marcon, Columbia University

      "Naniwabushi Narration and the Modernization of Chushingura"
      Hyodo Hiromi, Gakushuin University

      "Maurice Bejart's 'The Kabuki' and the Western Re-Gendering of 
      Saeki Junko, Doshisha University

      Discussants:  Thomas Harper, Leiden University, ret.
                         Henry Smith, Columbia University

SYMPOSIUM: "Rethinking Chushingura: A Symposium on the Making and Unmaking
of Japan's National Legend"

This symposium will follow immediately after the Annual Meeting of the
Association for Asian Studies, beginning on Sunday, March 30, at 3 pm in
Buell Hall on the Columbia University campus, and continuing on through 
following day of Monday, March 31.

PLACE: East Gallery, Buell Hall, Columbia University

SUNDAY, MARCH 30, 2003:

3:00 pm:  Greetings.

3:15 pm:  ?Thoughts on Kanadehon Chushingura: A Conversation?

	Donald Keene, University Professor, Columbia University

	Torigoe Bunzo, Professor Emeritus, Waseda University

	Moderator:  Samuel Leiter, Brooklyn College, CUNY

4:15 pm:  Nineteenth-Century Transformations in Kanadehon Chushingura 

	?The Ghost of Danjuro IX: Still Haunting Chushingura?
	Loren Edelson, The Graduate Center, CUNY

	Discussant:  Lawrence Kominz, Portland State University

5:00 pm:  Demonstration of Bunraku puppets from Kanadehon Chushingura

	Yoshida Minoichiro, puppeteer, Ningyo Joruri Bunrakuza

6:30 pm:  Reception, Kress Reading Room, C. V. Starr East Asian Library


9:00 am:  PANEL 1: Loyalty and Disloyalty in the Ako Vendetta

	?The Structure of Loyalty among the Ako Ronin?
	Kasaya Kazuhiko, International Research Center for Japanese Studies

	?Oishi Kuranosuke?s Hit List: Hierarchy in the Ako League of Revenge?
	Henry Smith, Columbia University

	Discussant:  Eiko Ikegami, New School University

10:30 am:  PANEL 2:  Talk About the Ako Incident

	?Confucian Crossfire: The Debate over the ?Righteous Samurai??
	Federico Marcon, Columbia University

	?Chushingura and Taiheiki?
	Hyodo Hiromi, Gakushuin University

	Discussant:  Jordan Sand, Georgetown University

12:00 noon:  PANEL 3: Gender Dimensions of Chushingura in Life and On 

	?The ?Special Relationship?: The 'Nanshoku-ha' in the Ako Vendetta.?
	Thomas Harper, University of Leiden (Ret.)

	?Women in Chushingura: The Women Live, the Men Die?
	Saeki Junko, Doshisha University

	Discussant:  Tomi Suzuki, Columbia University

LUNCH BREAK, 1:15-2:30 pm.

2:30 pm:  PANEL 4:  Linking Chushingura on Stage

	?The Subversion of Chushingura by _Yotsuya Kaidan_?
	Satoko Shimazaki, Columbia University

	?Revenge Parody: Chushingura and the Togitatsu Cycle?
	Lawrence Kominz, Portland State University

	Discussant:  Haruo Shirane, Columbia University

4:00 pm:  PANEL 5:  Chushingura in Film

	?Chushingura as a Japanese Film Genre?
	Yomota Inuhiko, Meiji Gakuin University

	DISCUSSANT:  Paul Anderer, Columbia University

5:15 pm:  PANEL 6: Chushingura in the World

	?Chushingura at Large: Translating and Staging Chushingura in France,
Germany, England and America?
	Aaron Cohen, independent scholar

The Columbia programs have been made possible by a grant from the
Weatherhead Program Development Fund of the East Asian Institute, and with
the cooperation of the Waseda University Library and Tsubouchi Memorial
Theatre Museum.

For further information and periodic updates, please check the Keene 
website at http://www.columbia.edu/cu/ealac/dkc/chushingura/.

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