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  ****************Abe Fellowship Program presents*****************
"Aspirations for a Middle-Class Lifestyle: Japanese Pop Culture on Chinese

Japanese television series featuring the lifestyles of Tokyo singles have
become increasingly popular in China since they first appeared on Shanghai
TV in 1995. As China shifted from a planned to a market economy, 
students began to enjoy greater freedom on campus, earned opportunities to
choose careers, and gained more control over their future. For the Chinese
middle-class-to-be, Japanese TV dramas offer a realistic dream of 
affluent, independent, and liberal lifestyles. The speakers will discuss 
changing aspirations of Chinese students over the last decade, as 
in their consumption of visual entertainment from Japan and the United

Speakers Nakano Yoshiko, Research Assistant Professor, Department of
Japanese Studies, The University of Hong Kong
Wu Yongmei, Lecturer, Beijing Center of Japanese Studies, Beijing
Foreign Studies University

Commentator Hirakawa Sukehiro, Professor Emeritus, Department of
Comparative Literature and Comparative Cultures,
Graduate School of Art and Sciences, University of Tokyo

When? Thursday, March 20, 6:00-8:00 p.m.   An informal reception follows.

Where? CGP Conference Room, ARK Mori Bldg., East Wing, 20F

The presentation will be in Japanese.
Seating is limited. RSVP by sending this form by fax or email.
Your colleagues and friends are also welcome.

Fax: (03) 5562-3504 Email: ssrcABE at gol.com

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Tel/Fax _______________________ Email  _________________________

The colloquium is jointly sponsored by the Social Science Research Council
Tokyo Office and the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership.

Contact: Tel: 03-5562-3506 Abe Fellowship Program, SSRC Tokyo Office

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