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Sun Nov 2 10:25:39 EST 2003


Caught Kaneto Shindo's latest film "Fukurou" ("The Owl")
today at the Tokyo Film Festival, and wrote a bit about it
for the festival's daily newsletter. The score was by
Hikaru Hayashi, who is still alive. I don't know much
about him, but the music was very effective and quite
stark. He's done over a hundred film scores. 

Shindo, who was there for a q&a session, is now 91 and
still making movies...amazing. 


 --- Chuck Stephens <cougar71 at well.com> からのメッセージ
> Watching ONIBABA in preparation to write something
> about it for an 
> upcoming Criterion DVD release, I was surprised --
> delighted, really 
> -- to recall that the composer of the film's score
> -- mainly 
> freefalling drum solos and occassional scat/spazz
> hoots and hollers 
> -- is none other than Hikaru Hayashi. Hayashi is
> probably my all-time 
> favorite Japanese soundtrack scorer, particularly
> since I had a 
> chance to see Oshima's amazing "Treatise on Japanese
> Bawdy Song" 
> ("Nihon Shunka-ko") and "Three Ressurrected
> Drunkards" ("Kaette kita 
> yopparai") at the Pusan film festival last year. Can
> someone there in 
> Japan tell me what Hayashi material is available on
> CD, particularly 
> collections of his work for films? I know he is
> (was?) also a 
> prolific composer of modern classical works, though
> I've not heard 
> any of it. Is someone here acquianted with the
> classical side of his 
> work, and might care to describe/reccommend some of
> it for me? Is 
> Hayashi still alive?
> thanks much,
> Chuck
> [I have to vague feeling I've posed this question
> here before; 
> forgive me if, esp Aaron, you've already answered
> this question in 
> part for me. I looked through all my old email and
> can't find a reply 
> if indeed there was one at an earlier date.]

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