English subbed screenings in Tokyo

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Jason, Jasper and Daniel commented on the problem of getting info about
screenings of subbed Japanese films in Tokyo.

I get occasionally get information about subbed films -- but don't always
run it in "The Japan Times," unfortunately.

A subbed print of "Zatoichi" played at Virgin Cinemas in Roppongi Hills -- 
but it came and went before I could get a notice in the paper.

The international version of "Bayside Shakedown 2" will open at the Miyukiza
and elsewhere on December 20. I'm not sure if all prints will be subbed -- 
I'll check with Toho.

Mark Schilling

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> Following up what Jasper said, Robert Schwarz from Tokyo
> Journal (are you here?) told me that TokyoQ
> (http://club.nokia.co.jp/tokyoq/) has English language
> reviews of Japanese films published once a month, and so
> they do (follow link on left side). Maybe they could
> include subtitle info when applicable.
> The Roppongi Hills site doesn't seem to mention if a
> certain screening has subs, but that may because the stuff
> playing recently didn't happen to.
> http://www.tohocinemas.co.jp/roppongi/index.html
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