Nikkatsu dvd recommendations

Nuzumaki nuzumaki at
Tue Nov 18 06:10:41 EST 2003


a friend of mine is planning to buy dvd rights from nikkatsu, because he has
good private connections, but he has a problem regarding what movie he
should bring out. i dont have the overview what nikkatsu does/did and what
titels i can recommend him. because its going to be his first dvd release he
wants of course a movie which can be sold too. there are the two aspects,
the one is he wants a really good movie which hasnt been released somewhere
else, on the other side he needs also to get some bills paid.
i hope here are some people who can help us with some recommendations, with
some titels or director names, maybe even webpages to look up?!

thx in advance !
and best regards

stefan nutz

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