Dead Shimizu wins!

Li Hoo Cheong lbhcli at
Sun Nov 30 21:15:50 EST 2003

As far as I know, the 2004 Hong Kong International Film Festival will
feature a Shimizu Hiroshi Retrospective.  About 16 of this great director's
works will be screened.

H C Li

Aaron Gerow wrote:

> The Tokyo FilmEX wrapped up last night with the awards ceremony and a
> screening of Morisaki Azuma's new film, Niwatori wa hadashi da. That
> was classical Morisaki, half out of date (very 1970s ninjoteki
> resolution) and half up-to-date politics (zainichi, anti-Emperor,
> corruption, etc.), all bundled in some fun comedy action.
> The surprise of the evening was the awards. No Japanese film won any of
> the jury prizes, but in something I've never really heard of before,
> one film from the Shimizu Hiroshi retrospective, the 1941 Kanzashi, won
> the audience award. That award was figured through the average of
> audience ratings (1 to 4), and that film got about 3.88 after a total
> of 3 sold-out screenings. Jury president Bernard Eisenshitz applauded
> the festival for such a result. (This would NEVER happen at the Tokyo
> Film Festival.)
> I hope Shimizu, who is long dead (this year, like for Ozu, is the 100th
> anniversary of his birth), is smiling a bit in his grave.
> Aaron Gerow
> Yale University
> KineJapan co-owner

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