The Drifters on DVD

Don Brown the8thsamurai
Sun Nov 2 19:51:01 EST 2003

A compilation DVD of legendary comedians The Drifters' TBS television show 
"Hachiji dayo! Zennin Shugo"will be released on January 7th next year to 
celebrate the 40th anniversary of their formation. It's comprised mainly 
from the gags that they're remembered for, picked from the 803 episodes of 
the show that went to air. The extremely popular show, which began in 1969, 
rated an average of 27.3% over its 16-year history with a high of 50.5% in 
1973. The three-DVD set will cost 9,800 yen and has a combined duration of 
270 minutes. 
Side note: Cine Amuse in Shibuya has a poster up in the foyer for a 
comprehensive retrospective of The Drifters' many movies. Perhaps we can 
expect to see those on DVD too sometime in the near future. 

Don Brown

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