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Mon Nov 3 05:52:04 EST 2003

Hi Chuck,

Just at the TIFF press centre now. My pieces for the
newsletter are short, so it was far from a full review.
This was the blurb:


"Sunday offered audiences the chance to see the latest
film from master director Kaneto Shindo, The Owl. Produced
by Shindo's family-run production company, Kindai Eiga
Co., The Owl is set entirely in a rundown dwelling deep in
the rural backwoods. The film harkened back to the
physical isolation, allegory, and strong female characters
of Shindo
?s 1964 classic, Onibaba. The 91 year-old Shindo took the
stage for a Q&A session following the screening, along
with actors Shinobu Otake and Ayumi Ito (Swallowtail
Butterfly). When asked about his next film project, he
could only answer as the young filmmakers of today do,
with uncertainty and the hope that the success of  their
latest work will make the next one possible, something NCF
hopes to aid."


I recorded the audio for the "talk show" with Shindo and
the cast members. There was no interpreter at the
screening, and I don't have time to transcribe/translate
the recordings, but I'd be happy to email the .WAV  files
(not great quality, but definitely usable) to someone who
would like to archive in writing what Mr. Shindo had to
say about The Owl and his career. He seemed like such a
humble man.


 --- Chuck Stephens <cougar71 at> ????????
> Thanks to Jason Gray for the info about Hayashi and
> Shindo's new 
> film; if you could post here or email me an
> English-language copy of 
> your review, I'd be very interested to read it.
> Otherwise, it's amazing to me to see how quickly
> this discussion 
> veered into uninformed quibbling about Criterion
> (for whom I work 
> strictly as a freelancer and have no vested
> interest.)
> Nuzumaki: the Criterion ONIBABA will be USD $29.00,
> and the version 
> listed on YesAsia is USD $41.31, not including
> shipping, and it is 
> clearly marked as Region 2. As for your ridiculous
> comment about 
> Criterion discs being "not very good" -- care to
> back that up at all? 
> Yes, some Criterion releases have had problems (Von
> Sternberg's 
> SCARLET EMPRESS is a pretty thoroughly-discussed
> example.) But you go 
> ahead and take a look at the recent Fassbinder BDR
> trilogy box set, 
> or Jean-Pierre Melville's LE CERCLE ROUGE, or
> and get back to us. I'll leave aside your rather
> lopsided comment 
> about how "the guys" who would want a DVD of ONIBABA
>  would already 
> have ordered it from Japan, which presumes not only
> various cultural, 
> geographic and market-force biases, but a rather
> sweeping gender 
> assumption as well.
> I have seen, in another forum, Michael Kerpan (who I
> believe is also 
> a subscriber here) disparage Criterion's release of
> Ozu's OHAYO (GOOD 
> MORNING) at the expense of the Japanese edition of
> same, and would 
> enjoy hearing more from him with a comparative
> analysis.

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