Criterion (was, for a minute, Hikaru Hayashi)

Nick Wrigley nicklists
Mon Nov 3 11:16:01 EST 2003

> Perhpaps this means nothing in the middle of Europe but Criterion is 
> making these movies available to North Americans.

FWIW, it means an awful lot in Europe. I know many folk who import 
Criterions. European DVD players are much more multiregion friendly 
than US machines.

Criterion are widely regarded as being the best DVD label on earth and 
many of the films they release are not available in any region. They 
have the best telecine operators and colourists and their producers do 
an amazing job. Admittedly, some of their 1998/99 DVDs that are 
barebones or non-anamorphic haven't aged well, but this is only to be 
expected. Their releases from 2000 onwards have often been jewels.

btw. anyone in Europe should check out for their 
Criterions. Customs charges are avoided because every disc is sent 
separately, and they have the best prices around (I am not affiliated 
with them in any way).


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