“Ghost In The Shell” sequel due in spring 2004

Don Brown the8thsamurai
Sat Nov 8 22:36:18 EST 2003

Japanese animation company Production IG, recently in the public eye for 
their contribution to Quentin Tarantino?s ?Kill Bill,? are currently 
working on the next film by Oshii Mamoru, ?Innocence.? 
A sequel to his own anime ?Ghost In The Shell,? the film marks Oshii?s 
return to feature animation after the success of his live action sci-fi 
?Avalon.? A trailer is currently screening at Toho cinemas before 
?Matrix Revolutions,? and an earlier version can also be viewed at the 
Flash-heavy official homepage. 
?Innocence? is slated for theatrical release in spring of next year. 
Oshii?s production diary is available for perusal (in Japanese) on the 
Production IG homepage.
Side note: Oshii is also the director of an exhibition of articulated dolls 
coming to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo from February 7th to 
March 21st next year. ?Dolls of Innocence? collects works from some of 
Japan?s foremost ball-jointed doll creators, reflecting trends in modern 
Japanese art and the ingenuity of Japanese doll making. Inspired as a 
student by the art of Hans Belmare, whose photographic works featured 
sculptures composed of rearranged doll parts, Oshii conducted intensive 
research on articulated dolls for ?Innocence? which addresses the 
question of why humans make objects in their own image.

Official homepage:
Production IG homepage:
?Dolls of Innocence? exhibition:

Don Brown

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