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Nuzumaki nuzumaki
Sat Nov 22 07:42:14 EST 2003

i have also already thought about meiko kaji ... she would be perfect for a
release, because since the american release of female convict scorpio she
has a huge fan base -and kill bill is really a big advantage as well. Blind
Woman's Curse (Kaidan Nobori Ryu, 1970) and Yoshio Harada's Melody of
Rebellion (Merodee no Hangyaku, 1970) would be also of great interest.
both are nikkatsu films or?
i think Kaidan Nobori Ryu from Teruo Ishii would be of special interest,
also because there are no movies from ishii with subtitels available. and it
would be time to let the people watch ishii ... his way of filmmaking can
also be commercially used in the way of distributing the movie.

well at the moment we are still waiting for the answer from japan, but i am
looking forward to give u all more information - if thereare :)
best regards and thx to all who are helping me with the selection and the

stefan nutz

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Since "Kill Bill, Volume 1" has sparked some interest in Kaji Meiko, it may
be worthwhile to look at some of her films from the 1970s, particulary the
Stray Cat Rock series. The films have a strong cult following in the United
States, and they may do well on the dvd market.  Keep in mind that "Kill
Bill, Volume 2" is due out in 2004, so a tie-in of some kind with Kaji's
films might provide the commercial payback your friend is seeking.
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a friend of mine is planning to buy dvd rights from nikkatsu, because he has
good private connections, but he has a problem regarding what movie he
should bring out. i dont have the overview what nikkatsu does/did and what
titels i can recommend him. because its going to be his first dvd release he
wants of course a movie which can be sold too. there are the two aspects,
the one is he wants a really good movie which hasnt been released somewhere
else, on the other side he needs also to get some bills paid.
i hope here are some people who can help us with some recommendations, with
some titels or director names, maybe even webpages to look up?!

thx in advance !
and best regards

stefan nutz

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