Ban on Japanese films in Taiwan

Mark Nornes amnornes
Mon Nov 24 22:35:46 EST 2003

Hi folks,

The computers here blocked my email until I opened up some room on my 
network space, forcing me to go back through the nether reaches of my 
inbox. I found another response to my enquiry about Japanese films in 
Taiwan. Better late than....


From: "Keijser, A.S." <A.S.Keijser at>
Subject: ban on japanese films in taiwan? (2)

Further to the enquiry about a possible ban on Japanese films in 
I checked Lu Feiyi's wonderful _Taiwan dianying: zhengzhi, jingji, 
(1994-1994)_ [Taiwanese cinema: politics, economics and aesthetics],
published Taipei: Yuanliu 1998. It even has a cd-rom!
On p. 56 it says (loosely translated): As far as Japansese films were
concerned, in 1951 film imports were reinstated, however, it was 
that only [Japanese] films that were anti-communist and anti-Russian 
be imported. At the same time, on the basis of the principle of trade
'reciprocity' it was agreed that 24 Japanese films could be imported per
year, whereas Taiwan could export two films to Japan. A footnote adds 
that a
Japanse imperialist film, titled _The Meiji Emperor and the great battle
between Japan and Russia_ could be imported, because apparently after 
to be anti-Russian and anti-communist was more important than being


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