Dan Reiko RIP

Don Brown the8thsamurai
Wed Nov 26 08:59:12 EST 2003

Dan Reiko, one of Toho's biggest stars in the 1960s and 70s, died of heart 
failure caused by septicemia at 10:05am on the 24th at a Tokyo Hospital. 
She was 68. 

Born in Kyoto, Dan (real name Hamada Reiko) came first in the 1956 Miss 
Kimono contest. She was discovered by a Toho scout the following year at 
Itami Airport in Osaka while visiting the set of a film being shot there, 
and swiftly made her screen debut in "Mejiro Sanpei: Uchi no Nyobo" (1957). 
In 1959 she starred with Nakajima Sonomi and Shigeyama Noriko in "Daigaku 
no Onesan," the first instalment in a hit series which lasted for eight 
films. Dan subsequently became a household name as one third of the "Onesan 
Trio," and went on to star in over 10 films a year as one of Toho's leading 

Dan featured in works by Ozu Yasujiro and Kurosawa Akira, and had appeared 
in over 100 films by her retirement in 1974. She made a brief comeback in 
1989 in "Suna no Ue no Robinson" (A Sandcastle Model Home Family), her 
first film in fifteen years, but soon disappeared once again from the 
public eye.

A wake was held on the evening of the 25th, followed by a private funeral 
on the 26th.


Don Brown

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