Hikaru Hayashi

Nuzumaki nuzumaki
Sun Nov 2 12:28:48 EST 2003

u are right, but they should better focus on movies which arent out yet.
not releasing the stuff which is already been brought out ... 
the dvd costs 43.-usd and its even R0

best reg.

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> > i am wondering why they release a criterion dvd of onibaba, when there 
> > is
> > already a perfect japanese release (which couldnt be better).
> Well, Criterion are in the US, they are the US licensee of the film 
> (they own the rights for the US market). The Japanese release is for 
> the Japanese market and v. hard to track down if you're in the West and 
> it costs about $60!
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> Great to hear that Shindo is still jogging along...
> -N>-

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