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TokyoZone : a Japanese "festival" in France

>From October 23rd to October 26th, TokyoZone will honour contemporary Japanese culture in prestigious institutions such as the Centre Pompidou and the Bibliotheque Nationale de France, and in more underground Parisian venues like the Sentier des Halles and the Batofar.  A tour will follow in four French cities.

-Film programme 
Saturday, 25th October 2003, 2:00 pm : 
"Fade into White 2" by Kazuhiro Goshima, "Nekojiru So" by Tatsuo Sato, "The Box" by Kazuhiro Goshima at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France

Only traditional Japan and the clichés of pop culture had reached France so far, where Japanese contemporary arts remained highly underrepresented despite the growing interest of the French for modern Japan.

A large but selective choice of today’s Japanese creativity and a wide range of media arts : film, music, performing and digital arts

No art was forgotten when setting up this year’s programme.  Suguru Goto’s opening performance with Yuko Kametani will include music, video and dance, like many of the following shows that will offer a mix of music (mostly electronic or experimental) and images : slide show and electronic music by Aki Onda, concert on a silent film by Pascal Contet, DJ and VJ set with the NightRiderz, musical videos of the label Progressive Form… The programme also features a pop concert of the band ae, a film selection that will present works never or seldom shown in France so far, a clubbing programme, and a selection of films that will be presented online.

TokyoZone encourages cultural exchanges as some French artists will also perform around Japan : accordionist Pascal Contet will play on the film I was Born but… by Ozu Yasujiro to celebrate the master’s hundred’s birthday, the French Tri-collage bring back from their stay in Tokyo a visual and musical trip, Emiko Ota of ae lives in France with an Englishman, and Aki Onda’s second performance will be shared with French trumpeter Jac Berrocal.  

The selection is only based on the artistic quality of the performers.  Some of the artists who are considered underground in Japan even get a chance to gain international recognition, as the tour that follows the festival is expected to cross the French border next year.

Films on line coming soon as well as english version on

Thanks for your interest ?

Eric Przyswa
Artistic Director
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