Japanese films in Taiwan

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Hello Mark,

I'm a KineJapan lurker, and I was curious about the Chinese cinema list you
mention. Is it a public listserv that I could join, or an academic
by-invitation-only list? I would quite like to sign up for a list discussing
Chinese cinema at the same level as KineJapan covers the Japanese side of

Thanks for your time!

> More from the Chinese cinema list:
> I would have to answer mostly no to the ban on Japanese films in Taiwan
> during this era.
> My reason for this claim actually ties into a co-worker here in my
> office from Taipei (born 1947). He told me while growing up in 50's and
> 60's there was a theater in the city (owned by Shaw Bros.) which played
> Japanese films and was where he developed his love of Japanese swordplay
> films. Actually they showcased all styles of Japanese film there.
> Hong Kong also allowed Japanese films to be screened during this period
> also (as per Fonoroff's book).
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