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Michael E Kerpan Jr kerpan
Sat Oct 4 13:54:22 EDT 2003

I recently bought the catalog for the Viennale's Rivette retrospective last 
year -- ordering it ffrom their web site.  They were very friendly and 
helpful at the Viennale.  The only problem I had was logistics.  There were 
only two ways to pay -- (1) wire the payment (which would have cost $15.00 or 
so in bank fees) or (2)  buy Euros and send cash (and pray the payment 
arrives safely).  Also, the mailing and handling costs turned out to be much 
more costly than the catalog itself.

Last year's catlog was (not surprisingly) German-only -- but very nice.


On Saturday 04 October 2003 13:04, catherine russell wrote:
> Dear Roland
> For those of us not able to make the trip to Vienna for this very
> impressive retrospective, can we order the catalogue?
> Katie
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> Concordia University
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