Yamagata / Ninja bugeicho

M Arnold ma_iku
Sun Oct 5 16:31:17 EDT 2003

Still kicking myself after discovering yesterday that Michigan has a "fall 
break" on the same week as Yamagata...  I guess I'll have to go lose my mind 
in Detroit rock city instead.  I hope you all have fun!

Before I forget --- We screened Oshima's Ninja bugeicho on Sept. 26 for the 
CJS film series.  We thought it was going to be a subtitled print, but it 
turned out to be a dub--actually a sort of "benshi" print, with an 
English-language narrator speaking out in the middle of the Japanese 
language dialogue, explaining what the characters were saying and doing.  It 
also seemed to be cut, and only ran about 90 or 100 minutes (although it 
felt much, much longer).  Does anyone have information about a foreign 
release of this film in the 60s or 70s?  I had no idea that a "dub" like 
this even existed.

Michael Arnold

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