mind control in japanese cinema

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If your talking about suicide there is always "Jisatsu Circle" (2002) by Shion Sono aka "Suicide Club".  

After a group of schoolgirls jump in front of a train at Shinjuku station (this remarkable opening scene was apparently filmed on location without any permits) a suicide epidemic sweeps japan. A strange but great film.

It screened twice - both times to sold out audiences - at the 2002 Melbourne International Festival and was a controversial crowd pleaser.  Shion Sono also attended the as a guest of the festival.

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another aum-like cult's mind control/mass suicide film is kore-eda's 
"DISTANCE" (2001).  

tezuka makoto's "hakuchi" (1999) takes up those two themes as well.  asano 
tadanobu's character is shown repeatedly trying to hang himself in it while 
living in this bizarre neo-WW2 japan that is controlled by a monolithic 
television station and its star idol.

not really an example of mind-control, but there's high school suicide in 
toyota toshiaki's "aoi haru" (2001).  sorry i don't know the english titles 
for these films.

kiwa iyobe

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