Devilman / Matsuda Yusaku book drainer
Fri Oct 31 21:39:43 EST 2003

 A rapping newscaster? I think so.

 Is anyone going to attend any  screenings in Tokyo today? I am heading
there in about an hour, to watch "God is Brazilian."

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> Just a wee addition to yesterday's "Devilman" story - the humongous Bob
> Sapp will be playing a newscaster (?!), and has also been taking rap
> lessons from Japanese hip-hop group King Ghidra for the part (?!?!).  The
> director is Nasu Hiroyuki, a frequent V-cinema helmer (including entries
> the Bebop High School series) who was also responsible for idol army
> Morning Musume's "Pinch Runner."?

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