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I think the main problem is that it's a disappointment as a Sophia 
Coppola film. Her handling of 1970's suburbia and the weird stresses 
of a catholic family in the U.S. in Virgin Suicides were so on 
target, so finely observed, and so generous, that there was some hope 
she would bring the same sensitivity to observing the context of 
Japan.  Instead she served up a lot of broad gags that strike people 
who know the context as inane.  It's a disappointment that she did 
not see fit to bring the same quality of observation to Lost In 
Translation.  And I think it's already been noted on this list that 
the movie received an extremely limited opening in Japan for a major 
Hollywood film.
J. Murphy

>I'm actually a bit curious about the disliking of this
>film on the KineJapan list, especially since it has
>been so highly regarded elsewhere.  What I find most
>perplexing is that I didn't find Lost in Translation
>to be about Japan at all

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