If you could see any classic film on the big screen subtitled...

Roland Domenig roland.domenig at univie.ac.at
Fri Apr 9 04:51:06 EDT 2004

> it would be nice to see wakamatsu's red army/pflp,

but better not on a big screen!

two of my favourites for the big screen are yoshida kiju's EROSU +
GYAKUSATSU (eros plus massacre) and jissoji akio's MUJO (this transient
life). both films have been screened at the atg-retro in vienna last
october, but i must say that both films have suffered from the subtitles.
they should better be watched without subtitles, because subtitles very much
spoil the beautifully de-centered compositions of the pictures. many scenes
concentrate on the lower quarter of the frame where usually subtitles are

roland domenig
institute of east asian studies
vienna university

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