classic film on the big screen subtitled...

Mitch Cullin fpunk at
Fri Apr 9 12:11:50 EDT 2004

--- Peter Larson <bulb at> wrote:
> He said he had nothing against subtitles at all. I
> think that what the
> man is saying is that the lack of subtitles
> shouldn't be a factor in
> whether one watches or doesn't watch a film. 

Well, I wasn't exactly arguing or disputing him,
except to suggest that film is also a narrative form
as well as being visual.  However, you said it's a case by case situation.  I'd welcome any
suggestions for films, Japanese or otherwise, that can
actually function completely without the use of
subtitles (films beyond the silent era, that is).


Most recent propaganda (updated when I remember):

"As the movie industry becomes more like the merchandising industry, the book business becomes more like the movie industry.  There's more pressure.  I think it's very difficult to be a young writer today.  I fear that young writers, after one or two books, will disappear the way young film directors do."  --Don DeLillo

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