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Mitch Cullin fpunk at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 10 21:54:47 EDT 2004

Not sure I find it sad, Don.  However, it's an open
forum so please feel free to angle us in another
direction.  One thing that I've been curious about is
the work of Takeshi Kitano.  I've seen all of his
films, and his work strikes me as a very mixed bag,
indeed.  It seems to be contextual, however, or maybe
subjective--because films of his that really impress
me aren't always considered his best.  While others,
like "Hana Bi" and "A Scene at the Sea", struck me as
being maudlin and verging on TV-movie trite.  I do
agree that "Zatochi" is a fun, artful return to form. 
As for his Yakuza films, I think "Sonantine" is the
one that really impresses me the most, and that might
also explain why I found "Hana Bi" to seem less
interesting.  "Kids Return" is another one that I
enjoyed.  Any thoughts on this filmmakers output? 
And, like Dylan, should his early career be viewed in
terms of pre and post motorcycle accident?  

On an unrelated Kitano note, I recently watch
"H-Story" and was rather disappointed by it.  I'd be
curious to hear what others thought of this "re-make"
of "Hiroshima, Mon Amor".


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