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Aaron Gerow aaron.gerow at yale.edu
Tue Apr 20 09:56:22 EDT 2004


If you are in Tokyo, go to the Tsubouchi Shoyo Engeki Hakubutsukan at 
Waseda University. They have an index of film screenplays that covers 
not only their sizable collection of original screenplays (i.e., the 
ones used on the set), but also the numerous screenplays that have been 
published in magazines and books.


If you are not in Tokyo, look first in the back issues of Shinario and 
the Nenkan Daihyo Shinarioshu to see if any of Iwai's stuff is there. 
There's also Tanikawa Yoshio's invaluable _Shinario bunken_, which is 
an index to published scripts, but since it was published in 1997, it 
might not include much of Iwai's material.

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