If you could see any classic film on the big screen subtitled...

Aaron Gerow gerowaaron
Fri Apr 9 08:39:37 EDT 2004

> Looking closer to the present, I'd really love to see Shinji Somai's
> "Ohikkoshi".  The Japanese DVD is gorgeous, but I can't really show 
> off this
> intelligent, beautiful and moving film of a young girl coming to grips 
> with
> the divorce of her parents to anyone, due to the lack of subtitles.

Talking of more recent films, I would definitely second Somai's work. 
He is the best director of the 1980s in Japan in my mind and it is a 
tragedy he was not introduced abroad when he was still alive. I love 
Ohikkoshi, but earlier works like Taifun kurabu, Shonben raida and 
Serafuku to kikanju are brilliant.

Aaron Gerow

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