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Sun Apr 11 03:27:21 EDT 2004

--- Mark Mays <tetsuwan at> wrote:
> > I do agree that "Zatochi" is a fun, artful return
> > to form. 
> When did he careen away from form?

I might be mistaken, but I believe there was a general
feeling that "Dolls", while beautiful to look at, was
not up to snuff--unless form is viewed purely in
technical/visual terms; then, no, he hasn't careened
away from form.  Even so, I found "Kikujiro" and
"Brother" to be weak compared to some of his earlier
films--and "Hana Bi" as well, although apparently I'm
a bit alone in my feelings about it.  I should add
that I was so ready to dislike "Dolls" from all that
I'd read about it that I found myself rather liking it
(wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting, I guess).  

Anyway, Mark, care to elaborate on your thoughts about
Kitano's work?  Form?  I'd be very curious to get your


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