classic film on the big screen subtitled...

amnornes amnornes
Sun Apr 11 20:48:25 EDT 2004

Roland got me thinking:

> to avoid misunderstandings: i was specifically talking about two films,
> yoshida's EROS + GYAKUSATSU and jissoji's MUJO, that in my opinion both
> suffer damage from subtitles superimposed on those parts of the  
> de-centered
> composition where most of the action takes place, which is obscured by  
> the
> subtitles.

This is an excellent example calling out for what I have called  
"abusive subtitling" (see 
article.jhtml). One can easily imagine subtitles placed in different  
parts of the screen, as off-centered as the original camerawork. In  
other words, the placement of the subtitles would be determined by the  
logic of the composition, not by the unchanging dimensions of the  

> i recall the
> film FUTARI GA SHABETTERU (two people talking, 1996)  -clip- it is all  
> talking.  it is
> simply a very tiring and unpleasurable experience to read all the  
> subtitles
> that more or less faithfully follow the high-speed talking of the two
> protagonists.

And here is a film that I'd rather see dubbed!


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