No subtitles, but even worse ... drainer
Wed Apr 14 18:07:00 EDT 2004

  I grew up watching dubbed films and I thought they were fine at the time,
but after I learned the original language and tried it again.... I thought
it to be so ridiculous... I completely agree with the "less talented" actor


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> You wouldn't believe, but badly synchronized dialogues really can destroy
> the whole reception of a rather good movie; perhaps this is one reason why
> elsewhere highly regarded movies get bad reviews here. I remember an old
> Chinese drama, where only one German speaker with heavy dialect had to
> all the voices of the movie (even the women!), and I think he had to make
> all the sound effects himself too, because apparently the whole original
> sound was cut off to synchronize the movie. This turned the drama into a
> comedy.
> Only little theaters show movies with their original sound and subtitles,
> but a little screen and the original sound-impression is far better than a
> big screen with THXed sound dilemma...

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