Hiroshima in Japanese film, and natsukashi melodies

Hopkins/Kato hopkat
Wed Apr 21 03:20:22 EDT 2004

That CD set is a bargain--60 CDs, I think, but some rather idiosyncratic
inclusions and exclusions. They have it at Rekodo-sha in Jinbo-cho, I think.
The NHK library might also have some good things about war-era radio
broadcasting. Not original recordings, but information about programs and
their content. Then, as now, it was a nationwide net, with limited time for
local content.
David Hopkins
Tenri University
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>Dear Gavin,
>  The Nihon no ryukokashi taikei CD set from Daicel comes with a chronology
>of Japanese records released in the 78rpm era (1928-1958). It doesn't break
>down distribution by region or city, but it is an important account of
>Japanese popular music produced and distributed by the five major record
>labels. Let me know if you don't have access to a copy (they run over
>$600)--I'd be happy to go over the period you are interested in and provide
>you with a list of songs to consider.
>                                                        Mark Anderson
>On 20 Apr 2004, Gavin Rees wrote:
>> Dear all,=20
>> It has been a while since I have posted I am afraid:  for the last year
>> or so I have been hovering in a fairly peripheral orbit. Apologies for
>> the vicarious pleasures of reading, but not posting. (But besides direct
>> experience of the inner workings of Japanese TV news, I have not had
>> much to contribute.)=20
>> I have just started working on a BBC documentary about Hiroshima, which
>> is being made for the 60th anniversary next year.=20
>> I am interested in trying to find out how Japanese documentarists and
>> dramatists have dealt with the issue since the war. Exlcuding the
>> obvious Imamura/Kurosawa/Resnais stuff, and the leads that Markus
>> mentions in his excellent book on Japanese Documentary, does anybody
>> have any recommendations, for interesting work, particularly Japanese in
>> origin?=20
>> I am also very keen to see if I can find a good fan site for Japanese
>> music of the 1940s, or somebody who might be able to give me a good
>> steer on what Hiroshima might have sounded like before the bomb.=20
>> Best wishes,
>> Gavin Rees
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