The Golden Week in Japan

Junko Tanaka jinkotan
Tue Apr 27 08:27:31 EDT 2004

A small contribution from a very quiet member on the

Something I didn't know all these years that I
thought worth sharing: the "Golden Week" in Japan,
reffering to a one-week holiday starting the end of
April (including Showa Emperor's Birthday,
Constitution Day and Children's Day), is a term
originated in the Japanese film industry. According
to what I've read, the promo word "Golden Week" was
first used in 1953, and it was this particular week
when attendance hit a peak of the year. Reminiscent
of the fact that cinema was almost the only
entertainment of the time.
I'm sure others on the list have more historical
So, happy golden week, both movie- and holiday-wise!

Junko Tanaka, Tokyo

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