Hi Michael

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Hi Michael
  We have never seen so long time.I am touching today your wrong mail.Because I have not checked this address about one month by trouble of prviders.
   but i am so pleased to touch you again.I miss you.I will be AAS in san diego.I am looking forward to seeing you anyday in States or Japan Kyoto.
  Anyway I hope to keep touching you.
My Japan private mail address is 
shigemi7a9a at yahoo.co.jp

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Dear all --

Apologies for mistakenly sending a message to you all that was meant for
only one of you....

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Hi, Tom --

Thanks -- and I too would choose a day at the zoo with the kids over the
conference! I decided to pass on AAS this year; I've been utterly swamped
for the past two months, and it looks like it will continue for another
month or so, and a quiet weekend spent at home (working) sounded like the
only sane alternative for that weekend. Sorry I'll end up missing OAR
again...maybe next year. Hope to cross paths with you soon.

Take care,


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Looks great, wish I could attend, but we promised Alex that we'd take him to
San Diego zoo Wednesday.

Hope to see you, though. will you be at the AAS?


> Greetings to all (and apologies for cross-postings):
> Those of you in Southern California (or passing through on the way to AAS)
> may be interested in the Nikkei Bruin Conference on Japanese Popular
> to be held here at UCLA on Wednesday, March 3. A list of presenters and
> paper titles is appended below. The conference is open to UCLA faculty
> students, as well as to invited guests. Anyone interested in attending
> should contact me so that we can include you on the list of invitees
> (bourdagh at humnet.ucla.edu).
> Best,
> Michael Bourdaghs
> ********
> Sponsored by the UCLA Center for Japanese Studies
> Wednesday, March 3, 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
> UCLA Faculty Center, California Room
> Panel One: Technologies of Distribution and Reproduction in Japanese
> Popular Music (10:00 a.m.)
> E. Taylor Atkins (Northern Illinois University): "Inventing Jazztowns and
> Internationalizing Local Identities in Japan"
> Michael K. Bourdaghs (UCLA): "Kurosawa Akira, Kasagi Shizuko, and the
> 'Scandal' of Popular Music in Early Postwar Japan"
> Michael Molasky (University of Minnesota): "Jazu kissa: Situating Japan's
> Jazz Cafes in Postwar Cultural History"
> Discusant: Robert Walser (UCLA)
> Panel Two: Unreal Reality: Historicity and the Construction of
> Authenticity in Japanese Popular Music (1:30 p.m.)
> Loren Kajikawa (UCLA): "Cornelius's 'Point of View': Perspectives on
> Globalization, Techno-Orientalism, and Cyborg Fantasy"
> Mark Anderson (University of Minnesota): "Enka and Historicity"
> Christine R. Yano (University of Hawai`I): "Misora Hibari And The
> Controversies Of Collective Memory In Contemporary Japan"
> Discussant: Susan McClary (UCLA)

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