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Dear Glynford,

The second film's Japanese title is "Nakinureta haru no on'na yo," and
both films are directed by Shimizu Hiroshi.


Mitsuyo Wada-Marciano

> Subject: Are These Shimizu's Films
> Date: Tue, 09 Mar 2004 20:36:21 -0400
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> Hello. I am a Japanese film fan living in Nova Scotia Canada. I am a
> one of those quiet people who listens and rarely comments.
> Recently two films have come into my possession on video tape
> purporting to have been directed by Hiroshi Shimizu in 1932 and 1933.
> The titles are SEVEN SEAS which is in two parts ? Part one subtitled
> “Virgin” and Part two “Virtue”. These films are silent. The second
> film also from 1933 is called NAKINURETA HANU NO ONNA though a friend
> suggest that HANU could be HANA. This fill has sound in fact much
> singing and a ship board location. Both have the Shockiku label at the
> front and are unsubtitled.            I wonder if anyone has heard of
> either of these films? Are they indeed by Shimizu?            Thank
> YouGlynford
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