Ikariya Chosuke

Lawrence Marceau lmarceau at UDel.Edu
Fri Mar 26 09:00:02 EST 2004

 I may have missed something, but I would have thought that the passing
of actor/musician/comedian Ikariya Chosuke this week would have
generated more comment on Kine Japan. Here is a short obit in the Japan
Times online edition:


His variety show, Hachi-ji da yo--Zen'in shugo!, which was broadcast
live every Saturday night for nearly 17 years (1969-86), generated as
much controversy for the bad taste of many of its skits as it generated
high ratings. Ikariya later appeared as an actor in Akira Kurosawa's
Dreams, and in the more recent Bayside Shakedown films.

News clips of his wake and funeral showed thousands of people in
attendance to remember him.

Does anyone have some perspective on his legacy in Japanese entertainment?

Lawrence Marceau

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