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===                Y I D F F  News ... February 27, 2004
===     Next YAMAGATA International Documentary Film Festival is
===     scheduled in October 2005


1. Film Screenings Information
2. Call for Entries Information


1. Film Screenings Information

< Hosted by the YIDFF Organizing Committee >

+++ _Tie Xi Qu: West of Tracks_
     Complete nine-hour special screening +++

Winner of the Robert and Frances Flaherty Prize (Grand Prize), _Tie
Xi Qu: West of Tracks_ caused a sensation at YIDFF 2003. In response
to popular demand, the YIDFF presents this special screening. The
sense of achievement and solidarity gained from witnessing all three
parts is so complex that it is difficult to express in words. To all
who missed seeing it at last year's festival -- here's your chance!

_Tie Xi Qu: West of Tracks_
  Wang Bing / CHINA / 2003 / 545 min

Date / Time: March 7 (Sunday)
10:00-14:10  Part 1: Rust
15:00-18:05  Part 2: Remnants
19:00-21:10  Part 3: Rails
Note: It is possible to leave and re-enter the theater during the


Jurors' comments:

Venue: The Yamagata Documentary Film Library (Yamagata Big Wing 3F)
Tickets: General 1,200 yen
          Tomonokai (support) members 1,000 yen
Attendance Limit: First 50 applicants
                  (phone reservations also available)
For more information, please call the Yamagata Office at 023-624-8368.

+++ The Yamagata Documentary Film Library Friday Theater +++

On the second and fourth fridays of each month the YIDFF Organizing
Committee holds screenings of films which are not shown at commercial
theaters, such as documentary films including the Film Library
Collection films, pre-war Japanese films, masterpieces, independent
works, experimental films, and animation at the 40-seat theater.
Tomonokai (support) members can join the Friday Theater for free
(membership fee is 1,000 yen for six months). Anyone is welcome to
join the Tomonokai.

** Family Portrait: Japan in the 1950s and 1960s Part 8 (Final)

March 12 (Friday) 14:00-, 18:30- (program screens twice)

_Little Friend ("Chiisana nakama")_
  Horiuchi Ko / 1958 / 50 min
_Loving and Living ("Aisurukoto to ikirukoto")_
  Kimura Sotoji / 1959 / 50 min
_The Dancers and the Cameraman ("Odoriko to kameraman")_
  Shibaoka Hiroshi / 1960 / 48 min

The eighth and final instalment in this series looking back on Japan
in the 1950s and '60s through the works of Sakura Films. Three
feature films: _Little Friend ("Chiisana nakama")_, which calls for
the protection of children from tuberculosis; _Loving and Living ("
Aisurukoto to ikirukoto"),_ which depicts social realities through
the eyes of a 19-year-old prostitute, one year after the
implementation of anti-prostitution legislation; and _The Dancer and
the Cameraman ("Odoriko to kameraman"),_ in which a cameraman
searches for the dancer's parents who were taken from her by the
ravages of war.

** YIDFF 2003 Encore Screenings Part 5

March 26 (Friday) 14:00-, 19:00- (program screens twice)

_S21, the Khmer Rouge Killing Machine_
  Rithy Panh / FRANCE / 2002 / 101 min

S21 is the name of a former concentration camp for political
prisoners in Cambodia. Former victims and tormentors caught up in the
atrocities committed by the Khmer Rouge are reunited, and relive the
inhumanity and cruelty of their days here. Facts that are brought to
light by evidence presented here, and the vividness of the exchanges
between two former adversaries transcend the 25 years that have
passed. A work palpably infused with Cambodian director Rithy Panh's
strong feelings toward his country.

Jurors' comments:

Venue: The Yamagata Documentary Film Library (Yamagata Big Wing 3F)
Admission: Free for Tomonokai members.
            (Membership fee: 1,000 yen for six months)
For more information, please call the Yamagata Office at 023-624-8368.

+++ Shonai Documentary Film Tomonokai Screenings +++

Shonai Documentary Film Tomonokai holds bimonthly screenings of films
including those featured in the YIDFF, so that as many people as
possible can experience the charm of documentary film. We hope to see
you there

_Gift of Life_
  Wu Yii-feng / TAIWAN / 2003 / 148 min

A devastating earthquake hit Taiwan on September 21, 1999. Based on
the written correspondence between the director and his friend, this
film illustrates the sorrow of families who lost loved ones in the
disaster, and the relationship between the director and his aging
father who now lives in an institution for the elderly. Death and
separation, despair, and the desire to live. A fine work that
questions the meaning of life.

Jurors' comments:

Date / Time: March 13 (Saturday) 18:30-
Venue: Sakata City Culture Center, 401

Date / Time: March 14 (Sunday) 18:30-
Venue: Tsuruoka Kyodo-no-ie Kopia 2F, Small Hall

Admission: General admission 1,000 yen
            Students (High School and younger) 500 yen
            Members free
            (General membership fee: 3,000 yen for a year
             Student membership fee: 1,500 yen for a year)
Enquiries: Shonai Documentary Eiga Tomonokai Office
            Located inside picture book and tea shop
            "Last Leaf" (Ogata)
Phone: 0234-22-7771 (Ogata)

< Other screenings >

+++ _In Vanda's Room_ opens in Tokyo +++

At long last, _In Vanda's Room,_ winner of the Mayor's Prize and a
FIPRESCI Prize in YIDFF 2001's international competition, is to
receive a theatrical release!  Its director, Pedro Costa, was a
participant in the Celebrating Yasujiro Ozu's centenary International
Symposium in Tokyo last year. Don't miss the chance to see this
shocking work by Portuguese prodigy  which has garnered the acclaim
of filmmakers and film fans all around the world.

_In Vanda's Room_
  Pedro Costa / PORTUGAL, GERMANY, SWITZERLAND / 2000 / 178 min

Opens: March 13 (Saturday)
        -- director Pedro Costa will be present on the opening day
           (scheduled at 15:30)
Venue: Theater Image Forum
Advance Ticket: 1,500 yen
                (now on sale at the theater, PIA, Playguide in Tokyo)
Door Sales: General admission 2,000yen, Students 1,700yen
Note: Also scheduled for release at Cine Nouveau (Osaka) and other
theaters nationwide

** _In Vanda's Room_ special commemorative program:
     Pedro Costa Retrospective 2004 in Tokyo

To celebrate the release of _In Vanda's Room,_ this one-off screening
presents four feature-length works by director Pedro Costa, from his
long-form film _O Sangue_ to his latest documentary on Jean-Marie
Costa is also scheduled to make a personal appearance at this event.

_O Sangue_ (1989)
_Casa de Lava_ (1994)
_Ossos_ (1997)
_Daniele Huillet, Jean-Marie Straub cineastes/Ou git votre sourire
enfoui?_ (2001)
Note: All films will be screened with Japanese subtitles

Duration: March 2 (Tuesday) - 13 (Saturday)
          (Closed: Sunday and Monday)
Venue: Athenee Francais Cultural Center (Ochanomizu, Tokyo)
For more information:


2. Call for Entries Information

This new section presents information sent to the YIDFF offices
regarding invitations to enter events being held all over the world.
Interested parties should feel free to apply.

** Cinema Management Workshop

As the disparity in screening conditions and releases between big
cities and outlying regions continues to increase, and murmurs of
dissatisfaction regarding the lack of diversity come to be heard, a
growing need can be observed for the new concept of "community
cinemas." In response, a cinema management workshop (film exhibition
specialist training course) will be held to provide the knowledge and
know-how necessary for those living outside of the main urban centers
to create their own opportunities for viewing films. The YIDFF's own
Miyazawa Hiraku will be taking part as one of the tutors. This is an
ideal opportunity for those of you with a strong desire to become
involved in the world of film.

Duration: March 26 (Friday) - 28 (Sunday)
Venue: Sendai Mediatheque
Limit: 20 people
Deadline: March 16 (Tuesday)
Cost: 3,000 yen
For more information, please contact: phone: 022-713-4485 (Sendai
e-mail: office at smt.city.sendai.jp

    -- International Festival of Documentary and Anthropology Film

Deadline for entry: May 30, 2004

** Call for entries for 4th Kyoto Eiga Bunka Awards  (Japan)

Open to: research/criticism/critical biographies regarding Japanese
film, as well as works screened at film festivals
Deadline for entry: June 15, 2004

** Past articles are available here:

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