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Aaron Gerow gerowaaron
Mon Mar 1 23:29:15 EST 2004


> A quick request to the list. I have a tape dupe of A PAGE OF MADNESS 
> and it opens with a distributor name SUNLAND VIDEO on it. What kind of 
> release was this? After a quick websearch, the only info I have for 
> Sunland is that they released a lot of silent films listed on academic 
> acquisitions catalogues. Does anyone have a contact for this 
> distributor, or can give me any more information about them?

When I wrote about the film, I recall that the video they sold of the 
film was no longer available--perhaps because the company itself is no 
longer around? Maybe Dennis Doros knows about them?

> On a completely unrelated note, I was managed to stumble across a 
> hardback 1st edition of the published script and photos of Oshima?s AI 
> NO CORRIDA, for which he found himself prosecuted for obscenity. Does 
> anyone have any idea as to the books rarity/value?

Since the book's publisher was acquitted of obscenity charges, the book 
is neither "a find" nor much of a rarity (though it is an important 
historical document). I've seen it many times at used bookstores, have 
a copy myself, and have bought copies for Iowa and Yale. But given its 
history, it does tend to have decent resale value, so the average price 
I've seen at used book stores is about 3000 yen. If you found it for 
much less than that, you got a bargain; if it was much more, well ....

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