Kumiko Sato satoku
Tue Mar 23 15:43:01 EST 2004

Dear KineJapaners,

My colleague is interested in knowing the availability of the 1916 US 
serial film (?), Patria, which is a story about Japanese' and Mexicans' 
conspiracy to overturn the US government.  I'm not sure if this is the 
right place to ask, but I'd appreciate any information about existing 
prints and their availability.  Thank you very much!

>(1916) American
>B&W:Serial/15 episodes
>Directed by Jacques Jaccard, Theodore Wharton, Leo Wharton
>Cast: Irene Castle, Milton Sills, Warner Oland, Floyd Buckley, Marie 
>Walcamp, George Maharoni, Allen Murnane, Dorothy Green, L. Dick Stewart, 
>Nigel Barrie
>Summary:  Patria--starring dancer Irene Castle, dramatized one of Hearst's 
>obsessions; a Mexican-Japanese plot to overthrow the U.S. government.
>Wharton, Incorporated production; distributed by International Film 
>Service [Path? Exchange, Incorporated]. / Standard 35mm spherical 1.37:1 
>format. / 15 episodes: [7] "Red Dawn." / William Randolph Hearst provided 
>financing for the serial. Jaccard directed scenes shot in California while 
>the Whartons directed scenes shot in Ithaca, New York. / Print exists.

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