Gaijin perspective.

Mitch Cullin fpunk
Tue Mar 30 10:37:36 EST 2004

"Tokyo Eyes" isn't actually a documentary, so you
might want to scratch it from your list.  However, I
think "The Inland Sea" fits the bill--directed by
Lucilla Carter and adapted from the writings of Donald
Richie.  Also, "Tokyo-Ga" directed by Wim Wenders is
worthy.  Charlotte Zwerin directed a segment for the
"Music for the Movies" series about the composer Toru
Takemitsu.  "AK" by Chris Marker is another one.

--- Joao Paulo Silva <jsilva at> wrote:
> Hi all Kinejapaners
> I've been doing some research on recent gaijin
> perspectives of Japan through documentary film and
> came about with the following list:
> Kim Longinotto (Eat the Kimono, Gaea-Girls, Dream
> Girls, The Good Wife of Tokyo, Shinjuku Boys)
> Brice Pedroletti (Knocking on Heaven's
> Door-Kamagasaki)
> Jean Pierre Limousin (Tokyo Eyes)
> Trinh T. Minh-ha (The Fourth Dimension)
> Louis Alvarez and Andrew Kolker (The Japanese
> Version)
> Sue Clayton (Japan Dreaming)
> Chip Lord (Aroma of Enchantment)
> Walter Salles (Japao, uma viagem no tempo)
> Chris Marker (Sunless)
> Does anybody remember of other works?
> Thank you and best regards,
> Joao Paulo

Most recent propaganda (updated when I remember):

"As the movie industry becomes more like the merchandising industry, the book business becomes more like the movie industry.  There's more pressure.  I think it's very difficult to be a young writer today.  I fear that young writers, after one or two books, will disappear the way young film directors do."  --Don DeLillo

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