CFP: Cinematic Uses of the Past (4/14; Mid-Atlantic regional AAS, 10/22-24/04, Philadelphia)

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Wed Mar 31 23:00:04 EST 2004

CFP: Cinematic Uses of the Past (4/14; Mid-Atlantic regional AAS, 
10/22-24/04, Philadelphia)

Mid-Atlantic Region Association for Asian Studies
October 22-24, 2004, in Philadelphia

This is a call for papers for a proposed panel entitled ?Cinematic Uses 
of the Past,?  to be held at the Annual Meeting of the Mid-Atlantic 
Regional Association for Asian Studies, October 22-24, 2004, in 

In response to the conference theme ?Asia: Transformation, 
Continuities,? this panel proposes to examine the roles that the 
history and literature of pre-modern/early modern East Asia may play in 
film and television. The topic of the panel is broadly conceived, and 
all papers pertaining to the film or television of any tradition that 
engages with, reinvents, or alludes to the cultural heritage from early 
and imperial China, pre-Meiji Japan, or Chos?n and pre-Chos?n Korea are 
welcome. In other words, paper subjects are not limited to period 
drama, but may very well include works that make significant uses of or 
allusions to the past.

A few sample topic may include, but are not limited to:

	-- Filmic adaptations, transformations, or refutations of traditional 
stories or history.
	-- Constructing collective memory through representation of the past; 
period drama as mnemohistory.
	-- Negotiating contemporary ideas of nation, gender, and race in film 
through premodern or early modern history and literature.
	-- (In)communicability of national tradition in transnational context. 
What are the persistent problems, dangers, and rewards of 
cross-cultural readings?

Please send the following to the panel organizer, Kevin Tsai, via email 
at stsai at

	1. One-page abstract
	2. Contact information for the conference application form, 
downloadable at (Abstracts, 
together with the contact information of the panelists, will be 
submitted together by the organizer.)

DEADLINE: April 14, 2004.

For information on the annual meeting, please consult

Thank you.


Kevin Tsai
Department of Comparative Literature
Princeton University
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