"The Man Who Stole the Sun" DVDs

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The "new" (priced-to-buy) Japanese edition is remastered,
subs approved by Leonard Schrader.
The previous 2-disc version includes production & promotion.
Hong Kong edition (with dithering images) has been around longer,
but not for the film's aficionados.


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Does anyone here have any words of wisdom to spare about the subject?
As far as I know, at the moment there are only two English-subtitled
DVDs available: the Hong Kong edition and the new Japanese edition;
www.dvdasian.com has them nicely lined up (though, being blissfully
oblivious to the fact that the film was not directed by a Mataichiro
Yamamoto, the producer).
I would very much like to know, which of the two, if either, is the
one to buy. Any other comments on the different editions of the film
are highly welcome too, of course.

All the best,
Alo Jõekalda

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