Article on "Original Bomb Child"

Jason Gray loaded_films at
Thu Aug 11 12:46:53 EDT 2005

Did anybody watch the documentary "Original Bomb Child"
aired on Sundance Cable in the US last week (Aug. 6th, the
anniversary of the Hiroshima attack)? This article,
written by Greg Mitchell, an adviser on the film, is an
interesting summary of the American side of the story
regarding the filming that went on in the aftermath of the
two atomic bombs, and how long it took (and is still
taking?) for the American public finally see the
devastation caused.

Just read "After Apocalypse: Obliteration of the Nation",
a fascinating chapter in Mark Nornes' book "Japanese
Documentary Film". The accounts of the Nichiei crew
shooting (coldly "collecting data") in the wasteland that
was Hiroshima is very strange...very Mars Rover. The
ultimate mondo film. 

The events and characters would make for a great dramatic
film (or manga, is there one?), with atypical heroes on
both sides -- the Nichiei filmmakers and McGovern. 


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