New Query Re Japanese Film Financing System(s)

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Tue Aug 30 10:47:34 EDT 2005

Don't forget Mark Schilling's regular contributions to Screen 
International, even if you can read Japanese (the other English trades 
have plenty of information as well). Some work on the FIAF database 
will also turn up things.


On Aug 30, 2005, at 9:12 AM, Don Brown wrote:

> Sento Takenori's "Movie Wars"(published by Nikkei Keizai Shinbunsha 
> under their Nikkei Bijinesu-jin Bunko imprint) offers one producer's  
> perspective on Japanese filmmaking in the 1990s. Definitely a good 
> general source.
> Don Brown
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>> Subject: New Query Re Japanese Film Financing System(s)
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>> At a lecture I gave yesterday a student asked about information 
>> sources
> concerning the current state of the Japanese film industry from the 
> perspective of financing, and about the business side of Japanese film 
> in general. I suggested "The Flash of Capital," but upon looking at my 
> copy at home last night, it seems to be more of a large-scale in-depth 
> historical study--not precisely what the student was asking about.
>> There are many postings on this list dealing with the business side 
>> of the
> Japanese film industry, but is there a book or article(s) about this 
> in English that you all might recommend?
>> Many Thanks,
>> Michael McCaskey
>> Georgetown Univ.

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