Event: Pordenone Japanese Retro, Part 2

Jason Gray loaded_films
Wed Aug 17 11:43:14 EDT 2005

I was hired to create the English subtitles for the three
Pordenone titles below, with a fourth coming up. They're
all worth seeing, as I'm sure the rest of the program is
(wish I could go). Bakudan Hanayome/Dynamite Bride in
particular will be a crowd-pleaser.

> BAKUDAN HANAYOME (Una moglie dinamite/Dynamite
> Bride)
> Re./dir:Keisuke Sasaki, Torajiro Saito (Shochiku,
> 1935), 23'

> TEITO FUKKO (Rinascita della capitale/Rebirth of the
> Capital)
>   Re./dir: Asajiro Itoi (Shochiku, 1930), 107'
> KOSHU SAHO TOKYO KENBUTSU (Abitudini pubbliche:
> visita a Tokyo/Public 
> Manners: Sight-seeing in Tokyo)
>   Re./dir:Kaname Mori (Ministero
> dell'Istruzione/Ministry of Education, 
> 1926), 56'


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