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About 5 years ago I stumbled across a whole load of publicity stills of 60s
Nikkatsu films in a secondhand shop in Amsterdam, some of which you can see
accompanying the Midnight Eye review of Black Tight Killers
( It seems that a whole bunch of
films showed in Holland in the mid-90s as part of a series called Master of
the Bs, and the stills came across to accompany the films they screened. The
Dutch Film Museum will have more details, but I assume the films they showed
had English subs. Along with a handful of Suzuki films and Black Tight
Killers, I also had stills for a film called The Night Mist (Yogiri No
Bojyo, 1966)directed by Akinori Matsuo and starring Akira Kobayashi, and
Kill the Night Rose (this is by memory - I can't remember the director or

Hope this helps.


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> Mark,
> &gt; My question to KineJapaners: Are there any more out there?
> If you want to go for some other films, there are more Seijun works out
> there with subtitles. As I just posted, we will be showing Oretachi no
> chi ga yurusanai on 35mm with subtitles here at Yale this week, and I
> do know that subtitled prints exist of some of Seijun's more obscure
> films, like Tantei jimusho and some of the Wada Koji films.
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