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> Handling 50,000 reels has got to be a logistical nightmare. Won't it  
> overwhelm the NFC just to move and store them in a temp/humidity  
> controlled facility? Which raises a question I've long wanted answered  
> - What do the NFC film vaults look like?

Jeff asks what the NFC film vaults look like. Well, the best thing  
would be to go there yourself and see. At this summer's Kinema Club in  
Tokyo the first day is a tour of the Film Center. We're still working  
out the arrangements, so I should say this could always fall through.  
But the plan would be to spend the morning out at Sagamihara, where  
they have the cold storage. It's a pretty building with a nice theater,  
typical Japanese office space, and then---well---vaults. There are  
intermediary spaces where they let prints warm slowly to room  
temperature when they take them out. And then countless shelves holding  
reels of film. One thing that sticks in my mind were the odd shelves  
that snugly held each reel so they didn't fall off during earthquakes.

But like I said, come see for yourself this summer. Simple proposals  
are due the end of the month!



Kinema Club V
in Tokyo

Featuring special guests
Rey Chow and Oshii Mamoru


			Dates: June 22 (Wed) to June 26 (Sun)
			Place: TBA  & Japan Foundation Forum
			Language: Japanese and English
				Deadline for proposals: March 1


Kinema Club is a series of workshops and conferences on Japanese film  
and television organized by scholars from various parts of the world.  
Participants in previous gatherings expressed the strong desire to hold  
a conference in Tokyo in order to meet their Japanese colleagues, learn  
about their work, and create new connections between scholarship in  
Japan and the rest of the world. That opportunity will become reality  
this summer in Tokyo.

The conference will feature simultaneous panels (four 20-minute  
presentations, with Q&A). We welcome proposals for  either individual  
papers or pre-constituted panels. They can be on any topic relating to  
moving image media (and are NOT restricted to Japanese media).  
Presentations can be made in either English or Japanese.

Kinema Club website went online exactly ten years ago; we can think of  
no better way to celebrate our 10th anniversary than an international  
meet and greet in Tokyo. Come and join us!

Please send a one-paragraph abstract (in Japanese or English) to  
amnornes at umich.edu (preferably as an Word attachment) by March 1.   
Please indicate which language you will present in.

	Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto (New York University)
	Ab¨¦ Mark Nornes (University of Michigan)

Organizing Committee:
	Yamamoto Naoki (co-chair, Meiji Gakuin University; nhooq at mbf.nifty.com)
	Michael Arnold (co-chair, University of Michigan; maiku at umich.edu)
	Han Yen-Li (SPELLING?????? University of Kyoto; casper_han at hotmail.com)
	Misono Ryoko (University of Tokyo)
	Imai Katsumi (New York University)
	Shimura Miyoko (Waseda University; cmiyoko at d8.dion.ne.jp)
	Tomoda Yoshiyuki (Ritsumeikan University; totomaru at vesta.ocn.ne.jp)


Tentative Schedule:

Wednesday (6/22):
	Tour of the National Film Center
		Morning: Sagamihara unit
		Afternoon: Kyobashi headquarters

Thursday (6/23):
	Morning and Afternoon Panels
	Evening: Koryukai

Friday (6/24):
	Morning and Afternoon Panels
	Evening: Film Screenings at Japan Foundation
	Evening: Oshii Mamoru Event
Saturday (6/25):
	Film Screenings at Japan Foundation
	Symposium at Japan Foundation (Theme TBA)
Sunday (6/26):
	Film Screenings at Japan Foundation
	Afternoon: Rey Chow Keynote Speech (TBA)
	Evening: Closing Reception at Japan Foundation

*** We are still in the planning stages for the events outside of the  

*** The films at the Japan Foundation will be chosen by Rey Chow (they  
will all be on film and subtitled in English).

*** Oshii Mamoru Event: Oshii Mamoru will appear on stage with Ueno  
Toshiya and Tom Lamarre. The tentative topic is the "Oshii and  



What is Kinema Club?

Kinema Club is an informal community of scholars, artists, and fans  
interested in Japanese moving image media. It started in the early  
1990s as a small group of like-minded graduate students, but started  
expanding when it began exploiting the internet. They created a website  
by the same name in 1995, as well as a vibrant newsgroup called  
KineJapan. The website gets a thousand visits a day, and KineJapan now  
has nearly 500 participants from every part of the world. For more  
history, see: http://pears.lib.ohio-state.edu/Markus/Welcome.html

How does one become a member?

Kinema Club is basically just a name. Better yet, it is an idea. The  
idea is that "Kinema Club" provides an rubric within which anything is  
possible. No one owns it. Anyone can take it and do something creative  
with it. We have no dues (and no budget). No system of introductions.  
No office. If you want to plug into the community, you are welcome to  
join KineJapan (instructions:  

What about the Kinema Club conferences?

At the end of the 1990s, the study of Japanese cinema was undergoing  
some interesting transformations. Most notably, it was becoming  
increasingly interdisciplinary. To confront these changes head-on,  
Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto and Markus Nornes held a workshop at University of  
Michigan in 1999. One thing that became evident was that, with so many  
new people studying Japanese film and television, no one knew each  
other. KineJapan already had over 200 members, but few people had ever  
met. So subsequent workshops and conferences were held in Hawai'i  
(2003), New York (2004), and Montreal (2004).

Why Tokyo?

Perhaps because the study of the Japanese moving image has become so  
interdisciplinary, there is relatively little interaction between  
Japanese scholars and the 500+ colleagues interested enough in the  
subject to participate in KineJapan. Every time we met at workshops and  
conferences, there was discussion about this problem. Evidently, there  
a need for a "ba"---a new space in which to meet each other and share  
ideas. We did it in Hawai'i; now it was time to do it in Tokyo.

What if I don't study Japanese cinema?

That does not matter. We are still interested in meeting you and  
hearing about your work. Previous Kinema Clubs have been restricted to  
Japanese media, but Tokyo will be completely open.

What if I can't speak English?

This will be a thoroughly bi-lingual conference, in the informal  
tradition of Kinema Club. Presenters can choose the language they wish  
to present in. We suspect discussions will be held in a mixture of the  
two. Most of the foreign participants can speak Japanese.

Is there a registration fee?

Because there are no dues for joining KineJapan and Kinema Club,  
minimal registration fees are  generally necessary for the conferences.  
We are currently in negotiations for both meeting places and outside  
funding, so it is too early to say how much this fee will be.

How do I apply?

Simply write a one-paragraph abstract describing your presentation and  
send it to amnornes at umich.edu. The organizing committee will take all  
the abstracts and create panels. One can also propose a  
"pre-constituted panel"; this is when a group of like-minded scholars  
creates their own panel and the panel chair submits the abstracts  
together. The chair does not necessarily have to present a paper, and  
panel respondents are also possible.



in Tokyo

[English text at bottom]






amnornes at umich.edu


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