Nikkatsu Action line-up for Udine

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Fri Feb 18 12:43:58 EST 2005

Thanks to Michael for the heads-up on the Laputa program.

As for Udine -- "Colt wa Ore no Passport " is now officially on the Nikkatsu
Action program. When I interviewed Shishido Jo earlier this week -- he is
one of our guests, together with Masuda Toshio -- he asked about "Colt" and
said it was one of his favorite Nikkatsu films. His agency, J&M, has put
together a clip reel of highlights from his Nikkatsu work -- and the
climatic show-down scene in "Colt" comes at the end. That did it for me -- I
contacted the festival director and our Nikkatsu liaison and asked them to
add "Colt." Thanks also to Aaron and Mark for their comments -- they got me
thinking in the right direction.

Check out J&M's "Dirty Joker" Web site dedicated to Jo, made with input from
the man himself!

Mark Schilling

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> > On Feb 10, 2005, at 3:25 AM, Aaron Gerow wrote:
> >> Colt wa ore no passport
> Laputa Asagaya just started a two month series of Nikkatsu Action films.
> About 30 films are in the program. "Colt" will play once a day during the
> last week of the series, from 3/27 to 4/2. Here's the Laputa website:
> And the page for the Nikkatsu Action series:
> Michael Arnold

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