Jissoji/Nakabori/Kodai Group question

Chuck Stephens cougar71
Sun Feb 13 01:05:59 EST 2005

Anyone have any information about the Kodai Group mentioned below? 
I'm wondering which current directors or cinematographers have come 
out of, or been associated with this group. I also think it's 
fascinating to compare some of the films Nakabori photographed prior 
to *Maboroshi* -- mainly Jissoji's Ultraman and ero-guro stuff -- and 
the work he did on Kore-eda's fiction debut. Anyone ever read any 
statement by Kore-eda as to why he chose Nakabori in the first place?


Masao Nakabori started his career at Tsuburaya
Production as a camera assistant on television series. He
earned his first Director of Photography credit in 1970
and has worked on hundreds of features, documentaries,
television programs and commercials since. His feature
credits include Tokyo: The Last Megalopolis (1989),
Maborosi (1996), which was nominated for a Golden
Lion, and won the Dragons and Tigers Award, a Golden
Osella and an honourable mention in the OCIC Awards.
One of his most recent films, Falling Into The Evening
(1998) was nominated for a Crystal Globe. With director
Akio Jissoji he established the Kodai Group, which is very
active in training young filmmakers.
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