attitudes to Ozu tim.iles
Sun Feb 20 13:25:45 EST 2005

Hasumi's argument is more complex than my reduction was meant to imply,
but I still see it as part-and-parcel of the _Nihonjinron/Nihonbunkaron_
attitude that tends to deny relevance of non_Japanese contributions to
Japanese studies--well, that's just my two cents', of course. There is
indeed a point to be made that Ritchie, important though his work has
been, receives too much reverence, but that's another issue, I think. To
go from there to the implication that western critics have lost touch with
the ineffability of film (Aaron put that so well!) is a stretch, to say
the least... 

Just the humble opinions of a sleepy Sunday morning! ^_^


Tim Iles
University of Victoria

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