Introducing myself

Robb Norton rnorton
Mon Feb 21 19:17:17 EST 2005

Hello everybody, thank you for letting me join the list, I am just
following procedure and introducing myself as requested.

Robb Norton

Institutional affiliation or employment:
University of Oregon, Center for Educational Technology

City and country:
Eugene, OR

Research projects or publications:
Currently, I am trying to get my head around scholarly works in the
burgeoning field of videogame studies.

Interests with regard to Japanese film and moving image media:
With the appearance of Japanese videogame auteurs (don't kill me for
saying this, I can't back it up... yet) like Hideo Kojima, Shigeru
Miyamoto, and others game developers are employing cinematic technique
more than ever before.  A forthcoming videogame titled Killer 7 even
goes so far as to refer to itself as a film.  Advances in technology
allow for more immersive experiences with cinematic technique in
gaming.  In order to understand videogames, it is important to study
the components that work together to create a complete videogame

In short, I hope to gain some insights on how Japanese cinema has
contributed to the development of new media.  Don't worry, I will be
very careful not to participate in any topic hijacking, and will
probably just be reading most of the time as it is very clear that
just about everybody contributing is far more knowledgable than

Thanks for having me on the list, I look forward to interacting with

Warm regards,
Robb Norton

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